Annual General Meeting

The most important event of each year for the Murray Clan Society of North America is the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
An AGM is three distinct events – a meeting of the council; the AGM itself where clan members receive reports on the state of the organization from the President and other Society officers as well as serving as a means by members can give voice to their issues and concerns; the annual Clan Dinner at which we toast the haggis and enjoy a fine meal, entertainment, and one another’s company. AGMs are scheduled in different areas each year to allow more participation.

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Games with Murray Tents

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Events in gray are already over


Ontario - Stanley Fleming

Fergus Scottish Festival, August 11-13, Website

British Columbia - Bill Murray

Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival, May 20-22,Website

United States

Alabama – Jonathan Murray

Southeast Alabama Highland Games, March 18,Website

California – Ron Murray (Southern California) & Daniel Murray Burke (Northern California)

Queen Mary Scotsfestival, February 18-19,Website

Scottish Fest, May 27-28,Website

San Diego Scottish Highland Games, June 24-25,Website

Scottish Highland Gathering and Games, September 2-3,Website

Seaside Highland Games, October 14-15,Website

Colorado - Steve Murray-Wolf

Colorado Tartan Day, April 8-9,Website

Pikes Peak Celtic Festival, June 16-18,Website

Elizabeth Celtic Festival, July 16-18,Website

Colorado Scottish Festival, August 4-6,Website

Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival, September 7-10,Website

Florida - J D Murray

Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games and Festival, February 25,Website

Southeast Florida Scottish Festival and Highland Games, March 4,Website

Dunedin Highland Games and Festival, April 1,Website

Ormond Beach Celtic Festival, April 22,Website

Mount Dora Scottish Highland Games and Festival , November 17-18,Website

Illinois - Ree Grisham

Chicago Scottish Festival & Highland Games, June 16-17,Website

Maine - Evelyn Murray

Main Highland Games, August 19,Website

Minnesota - Mary Murray

Minnesota Scottish Fair & Highland Games, July 15,Website

Missouri - Wayne Chapmen

St. Louis Scottish Games and Cultural Festival, September 29-30,Website

New Hampshire - Barbara Kfoury

New Hampshire Highland Games, September 15-17,Website

New York - Ken Scallon

Capital District Games, September 2-3,Website

Oregon - Douglas Finch

Athena Caledonian Games, July 8-9,Website

Portland Highland Games, July 15,Website

Pennsylvania - Jane Murray

McLain Celtic Festival, September 2,Website

*2017 AGM* Ligonier Highland Games, September 22-24,Website

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Scottish Highland Festival, June 10,Website

South Carolina - Steve Murray

Charleston Highland Games, September 16,Website

Tennessee - Corky Murray

Middle Tennessee Highland Games, September 9,Website

Texas - AJ Murray III

San Antonio Highland Games, April 1-2,Website

Texas Scottish Festival, May 5-7,Website

Kerr County Celtic Festival, October 7-8,Website

Central Texas Highland Games, November 11-12,Website

Utah - John Moray

Utah Scottish Festival & Highland Games, June 9-10,Website

Payson Scottish Festival, July 7-8,Website

Moab Celtic Festival, November 3-5,Website


For further information check the following websites for other festivals and games. Then, contact the state commissioner ( see the Commissioners tab above ) to see whether they are planning to attend a specific festival. Association of Scottish Games and FestivalsKeltic Nations schedule of North American events. Some of these sites also list Canadian and European festivals.