2020 AGM is going virtual

Message from the President

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we were forced to cancel the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) which would have taken place in August at the Colorado Scottish Festival. I should really say postponed since we are going to return there for our 2021 AGM. So, mark your calendars for the first weekend of August 2021.

We’re still going to hold this year’s AGM, however, using the popular virtual platform Zoom. The meeting will begin at 12:00 pm PDT, 3:00 pm EDT on Saturday, August 1st. We have been using Zoom over a year now for our Council and Commissioner Round Table meetings. Immediately following the virtual AGM, we will keep the session going so people have the opportunity to meet and catch up with those they haven’t seen since we last met in Charleston. There might even be a song or two and some piping! If you don’t have a computer, tablet, or smartphone to participate with video and audio, you can simply call in using a telephone. Zoom limits their virtual meetings to 100 participants. If you want to be a part of it just let me know and I’ll put you on list. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, not to worry. We will schedule a practice session or two before the actual AGM to work out any kinks you may encounter.

To sign up just send an email to president@clanmurray.org. Closer to the AGM date we will contact you with meeting details and practice session dates and times.

Until we get the chance to meet again stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home!

Yours Aye,
Steven Murray-Wolf, FSA Scot


2019 Minutes for Review

Please use this link to download a copy of the 2019 AGM Minutes for review.