Recently appointed to the positions of Genealogist for the USA and Canada, respectively, are Michael Thomas and Ted Leaker. They are already working to update the database of Clan Murray, largely ignored for the past several years. The eventual hope is that they can also help interested Clan members in their own family research.

To that end, Clan members are being asked to complete the Genealogy Data Form found here: Genealogy Data Form (Fillable)

Many of you have completed the form in the past, but this time Mike and Ted would like a form from EACH member. Some past records have been returned damaged, are unreadable in part, or are unusable for some other reason, and have then undergone the damage that simply comes with long-term storage. New information may have also come to light since you last completed the form, hence another reason for an update.

Any records sent to Mike or Ted should contain, at a minimum, the following information:

  • Name (as complete as possible);

  • Dates of birth and death with locations (if known);

  • Dates and locations of marriages (if known);

  • Name of spouse with birth and death dates and locations (if known).

The Genealogy Data Form will allow you to provide this information as far back as your Great-Great-Grandparents (3GG), giving Mike and Ted five generations to work with. If you can go back even further, fantastic! Simply attach additional sheets as necessary, with the same information for each generation as best as you can. If you don’t have exact information for the form, make the best estimate you can. Simply include a small “c” in the date to show it’s an estimate (as in c 1920). Locations should also be as complete as possible, but if all you know is “Scotland” or “Alabama”, include that.

Many members have done extensive research into their family lines already, and have collected source documentation along the way. That information is extremely valuable, and would be welcome in the Murray archives, if you are willing to share. A simple scanned document or a page that has been photographed with the camera on a smartphone would be useful to Clan Research. Photos of people are especially helpful, but should also include a note of the individuals pictured and an approximate date if possible.

The Murray name is found all over the world, but most Murray families remain unknown in Genealogy circles. Extensive information is available as far back as Freskin le Fleming de Moravia, progenitor of Clan Murray, in the 10th Century, but many families don’t know anything beyond a few generations. Mike and Ted would like to see that change, and create an archive of Genealogical resources members can find valuable in pursuing their own research.

You can contact Mike at: and Ted at: