Historically, sutler is a term for a person who followed an army and sold provisions to the soldiers. At this time, the Murray Clan Sutler offers T-shirts. This is the source for commissioners who wish to buy Murray Clan T-shirts to sell at games and festivals.

Please check with our sutler Jim Piper for T-shirt styles in stock. The shirts are discounted to commissioners who should contact Jim Piper for prices.

White with demi-savage badge on front. $15 each Off white with demi-savage badge on front
and Murray clansman on the back. $20 each
Light blue with demi-savage badge on front. $15 each Window decal of the Murray Demi-Savage Clan badge designed to be installed on the inside of a window. The scanned decal below isn't an accurate reproduction as it was made with the backing paper intact. the actual decal isn't grey as below but a rich black. $2 each